Celebrate an Australian icon on Saturday July 21 – National Lamington Day!


This July 21, Australians around the country will stop and pause to mark the coming of age of an Australian classic, the humble lamington. For National Lamington Day, this Australian icon has gone gourmet to cater to the changing tastes of Australians. The sweet treat has been delighting Australian tastebuds for more than 100 years, and now sees flavours like jaffa, lemon, raspberry and passionfruit as some of the
most popular.

“While the classic chocolate lamington will always be a firm favourite, consumers today are taking a new bite from a traditional favourite, and we’ve seen demand for flavours like jaffa soar,” says Dia Sadikay, Sales and Marketing Manager, Susan Day Cakes.

“This iconic cake has stood the test of time for over 100 years, and now these new flavours have meant that it will remain on Australian tables for many more years to come. We’ve even seen savoury lamingtons served with bacon, so who knows what the next lamington craze will be,” Dia says.

The lamington cake was first made in 1900, most likely for the wife of Queensland’s eighth governor, Lady May Lamington. Made by either the Lamingtons’ wellcredentialed French patisserie chef, Armand Galland, or well-known Brisbane cookery teacher Amy Schauer, regarded as ‘the Nigella Lawson of her time’, the sponge cake was dipped in chocolate and liberally sprinkled with coconut.

Lord and Lady Lamington were said to be so impressed by the cake, that it was regularly requested at Lamington House.

For the first time in 117 years, lamingtons were briefly off the menu at Old Government House in Brisbane, however demand has seen it recently bought back to the menu.

In celebration of National Lamington Day, a range of lamington flavours, including classic chocolate, jaffa and raspberry, can be purchased from Coles

Other fun facts:
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade lists the lamington as an Australian icon (along with the meat pie and Vegemite), and former Queensland premier Anna Bligh has declared this special cake a Queensland icon
  • The world record for the longest line of lamingtons was set in Adelaide in 2015, with 20,000 pieces of lamington snaking over 1,073 metres long. The former record was held in England with a lamington line that measured 885 metres. 
  • Susan Day makes so many lamingtons each year that if you laid them end to end, you’d make it from Melbourne to Sydney – that sounds like a delicious journey! 




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