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After I started weaning my first child I remember discussing meal times with a friend and we both agreed that the aftermath of mealtimes with very young children is remarkably similar to the effect that paintball shooting in the kitchen would have, except the paint had been replaced by food. Fast-forward a few years and four children later, I have now had the pleasure of being offered a secret weapon to help battle against the mealtime madness in the way of a Gizmotots placemat.


The Gizmotots placemat was a huge hit in our house from the moment it arrived. When my son first opened the box, revealing a Blue Car design, he was delighted and insisted that he was hungry straight away, despite having just finished breakfast.  The thought of having to wait a couple of hours until lunch time to try it out was just too much for him to take and so morning tea came early and he delighted in filling his plate himself. It was great fun, first he filled the body of the car with yoghurt and I assisted with some carefully placed fruit. I couldn’t help chuckle as he called ‘we need more food Mummy…I don’t have anything for the wheels yet’ and so we found berries as they were a different colour and round like wheels and he carefully positioned them. Once the car was ready and my son had taken a moment to reflect on his fine work, it was time to start eating it, so he called his very delighted twin sister to assist.  Piece-by-piece it disappeared and despite both of them diving in there was no tipping or sliding of the mat and not a thing was dropped on the floor. I marveled at how instantly mealtime became a game (an unusally clean game) and that all of a sudden my youngest little ones, who were used to being waited on, were excitedly helping to prepare their own meals.

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After a great start I knew that the Gizmotots mat still had its biggest challenge ahead of it with dinnertime drawing closer. Sure enough when the sound of cooking awakened the senses of my littlest ones they raced quickly to the kitchen to remind me that I must give them dinner on the new car plate and so again they sat and helped create a masterpiece that was dinner. Mr and Miss 4 proudly sat down at the dinner table to show off their work and proceeded to finish every last bit without any assistance nor a single mutter of complaint.

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What makes the Gizmotots stand out from all other mats or childrens’ bowls and plates is that it’s not just a pretty face. In fact it’s a super clever design that binds itself to the table so that it can’t slide around. I am amazed how much less mess there is after mealtimes when those little exploring hands and fidgety arms can’t tip, knock or spill the plate on the floor anymore. So when mealtime is done I just lift the Gizmotots mat, place it in the dishwasher and I am done! Having less cleaning time certainly makes for a happier Mum too. I can’t help but wonder how different meal times and the aftermath might have been if these had been around when we first started our journey into parenthood.

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The Gizmotots mats feel really tough and I am confident that ours will stand the test of time, despite getting double the use with my twins. I am given peace of mind knowing that they are made out of all the right stuff for kids, they are 100% Silicone and BPS, PVC and BPA FREE, so no nasty’s lurking in them.


With a fun new approach to mealtimes the Gizmotots mat has certainly earned its placed at our dinner table. The designs and colours are bold and entertaining creating a new found love of exploring a variety of foods in order to create new masterpieces every mealtime. The design is smart and effective at creating a ‘less mess’ mealtime and safe for our little ones while being durable enough to withstand being washed over and over again. The Gizmotots mats are a huge win for the kids and for parents, making mealtimes fun for everyone!


Key Features: Suitable for dishwashers, does not hold bacteria, hypo-allergenic, durable, BPS, PVC, BPA free, 100% silicone, develops Motor Skills, promotes Self Feeding.

See more great designs and find out more here: Gizmotots

Disclosure: I was not paid for this review however I was gifted this product for the purpose of giving an honest review. All thoughts and opinions here are my own.


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