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My 4 kids pretty much live in the water and I swear that in a former life they must have had gills. If they are not at swim lessons, swim squad, or frolicking in the sea, they are having water fights in the garden….one way or another they are always wet! I have often joked that they don’t really need clothes…if they just had their swimmers and a towel they would be quite happy.

While spending our lives in or by the water suits us all just fine it does create a minor issue or two for Mum…I am forever carrying around a heavy bag full of spare clothes and towels and as we move from one thing to the next I find myself constantly holding up towels so that my little fish can change…and the washing! Oh boy, the endless washing from all of the sandy changes is not a job that I am a fan of, and so I have been searching for a way to make life with our beach lovers a little easier and found it with a trendy life loving brand called ‘Mood Juice’!


Mood Juice is a local Ozzy brand that creates gorgeous Poncho Towels perfect for any water and life lover and we have really been enjoying putting them through their paces over the last few weeks. The poncho towels are, in the words of an 8 year old, ‘Epic!!’ and suit the needs of everyone as they look great and are very practical.

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The Mood Juice Poncho is made from 100% 300gsm microfiber towelling, so is really warm, thick and super absorbant. The towelling wicks away the moisture from my boys bodies really quickly, which has been ideal for those early morning swims when the water is still cool and the air is a little fresh… My boys have been loving leaping out of the water and making a beeline straight for their ponchos, where they look instantly warm and cosy tucked under their double layered draw string hoods.


My absolute favourite thing about the Mood Juice ponchos is that aside from the arm holes, they are seamed all the way down the sides. So they are perfect for that quick change anytime, anywhere or for just throwing on and heading home! This means that this Mum travels somewhat lighter these days…the boys wear their towels to and from the beach and swimming and my beach bag, which had previously been bursting at the seems, is now almost empty yey!The Mood Juice Ponchos go another step further in their design and have both an external pocket on the front, ideal for warming up your hands after a long swim or time in the ocean or for chucking in any smaller items that you might need, such as goggles or swim caps in my boys case. Then there is also a more discrete smaller pocket inside the poncho, which is just the right size for tucking in an ipod or other items you may want to hide away.

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While the Mood Juice towel is designed to fit older chdsc_0073ildren or adults, they have been great for my boys who are just 6 and 8 and that extra bit of room just makes for a lifetime of use ahead of them. The ponchos are also plenty big enough to allow Mum or Dad to use them when we sneak off for a dip in the ocean while the kids are at School…shhhh!

The whole family love the Mood Juice ponchos and the boys have really been enjoying being the envy of their friends at the beach while sporting their very trendy ponchos. They are soft, cosy, warm, absorbent and ready to throw on anywhere for a discrete change out of wet things or even just to throw on and head straight home in….it’s a win all round for the kids, Mum and the washing machine!

Mood Juice prides itself on ‘aiming to enhance your world by developing new and innovative products to the marketplace. Created for and inspired by the lives we live. Life should be filled with adventure, learning and new experiences. We want to be on your journey.‘ and we wholeheartedly believe that they live up to this and we are so excited to be taking our Mood Juice Ponchos on many more adventures with us!

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  • One size fits most – adults and older children – H102cm (40 inches) x W76cm (30 inches).

See more great designs and find out more here: Mood Juice

Disclosure: I was not paid for this review however I was gifted this product for the purpose of giving an honest review. All thoughts and opinions here are my own.


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