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We recently discovered a whole new world with the Award Winning Olloclip ‘4-in-1 Photo Lens’ and Olloclip ‘Macro Pro Lens’


During July we had our first really big trip as a family of six and headed to the UK. The kids were trusted with the task of taking
pictures and recording moments of our big trip to present back to their classes on our return. I wasOllo4 keen for them to get some good snaps but the thought of lugging my large camera around on all of our days out along with it being too big for the kids to use without assistance wasn’t really very appealing, so I needed something a little smaller and easier manage. There isn’t really anything much smaller that the Olloclip lenses, that simply attaches to your IPhone, IPad, or Samsung and it certainly proved incredibly easy to use.

We took two of the Olloclip lenses on our trip with us: The ‘4-in-1 Photo Lens’ and the ‘Macro Pro Lens’ and both myself and the kids had great fun exploring a whole new world full of colour, detail and fun.

Olloclip ‘4-in-1 Photo Lens’

olloThe Olloclip ‘4-in-1 Photo Lens’ proved a great deal of fun for the kids who really enjoyed snapping away…over 600 times!! The lenses themselves are about as wide as a $1 coin and are attached to a smallcompact clip that simply slides onto the top of your IPhone, IPad or Samsung. It weighs virtually nothing and comes with both a hassle free wearable pendant (in a choice of 3 colours) and a small soft bag, which makes it super easy to wear or slip into a pocket ready to pull out for all those impromptu photo moments.


The lenses are all attached to the same clip and can easily be switched by simply flipping the clip around or unscrewing the fisheye or landscape lenses to reveal the macro lenses underneath, so are perfect for creating varying photo effects without the need for carrying multiple heavy lenses around. The lenses also work on either the front or rear facing cameras, so it’s nice and easy to get that perfect big group selfie using the wide angle or fish eye lenses without having super long arms or carrying round a stick.

The fish eye lens on the Olloclip ‘4-in-1 Photo Lens’ was so much fun and made for some great experimental pictures and definitely worth using for creating more interesting pictures for the kids school projects. It was really easy to use and even the little ones were able to point and shoot to some degree of accuracy using this lens, so really was a win for the kids.

IMG_3747 IMG_3772

The wide-angle lens on the Olloclip ‘4-in-1 Photo Lens’ was an invaluable asset and allowed us to capture some wonderful panoramic landscape and architecture shots in London. The kids were particularly impressed that they could fit the whole of the Blue Wale at the Natural History Museum in the image in one shot….that’s a pretty big whale! I was quite impressed that a small child equipped with such a small lens could create such great pictures…granted they need a little more practice before creating really professional photographs but these small lenses really seemed to allow for the less trained eye and still provided good results.

The Macro lens on the Olloclip ‘4-in-1 Photo Lens’ was where it really delivered some incredible results. As you would expect taking a macro shot requires a very steady hand, which the kids found a little more challenging and therefore took a bit of practice but when they got a good shot the results were amazing. The macro lens could take shots of either 10x or 15x and the clarity, detail and depth of colour was fascinating. The macro lenses create a great effect keeping the subject of the photo in focus while blurring out the background and kept the kids well entertained with their “can you guess what this is?” game

IMG_4065  IMG_4066

Olloclip Macro Pro Lens

Ollo3As with the previous lens the Olloclip ‘Macro Pro Lens’ compares exactly the same in terms of size, standard accessories (wearable pendant in choice of 3 colours and soft bag), weight, use for both rear and forward facing cameras and ease of use, the main difference being that this lens is design solely for the purposes of creating professional-style macro photos 21x creating the effect of a digital magnifying glass (or up to almost 100x when combined with the Iphones digital zoom). This lens also Includes InstaFocus™ hoods that naturally collect and diffuse light and facilitate focusing.

IMG_3584 IMG_3580

The Olloclip ‘Macro Pro Lens’ has allowed us to delve deep into a world that the human eye could not see alone. Much like the previous lens, capturing the perfect macro shot required a steady hand and a little patience for our budding amateur photographers but the results were well worth it. The detail picked out by the lens was nothing short of incredible, especially considering its size. The kids were able to photograph inside a small buttercup flower and see the incredible colours and structure inside a pinecone and also find the microscopic hairs on the smallest of stinging nettles.

DSC_0703  IMG_3561

DSC_0710  IMG_3572

Many tiny bugs have been followed around the garden since we returned back to Australia from our trip, trying to get that perfect shot…sadly the bugs don’t seem to understand standing still to pose for their photo – but it’s great to see the kids being kept amused trying.

I have found it quite fascinating how two smart lenses, so small that you can pop them in your pocket, can create such a multitude of amazing photographic effects all from my own Iphone. I was also suitably impressed that the Ollclip lenses have been so easy to use, that even my 6 and 8 year olds have been happily creating amazing detailed images for their school projects. The Olloclip lenses are a fantastic asset and are always in my handbag ready and waiting for the next great photo opportunity.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.41.58 pmOlloclip offer a few additional accessories that may be purchased to make life a little easier and I definitely think the ‘Ollo Case’ is worth purchasing if, like me, you have small children handling your phone who may be prone to dropping it or if you just need the extra grip handling your phone. The Ollocase is rubberized with raised bezel edges so protects your phone as you would expect while allowing it to work seamlessly with the Olloclip lenses. My kids have put it to the test a few times causing me to gasp in worry but so far it hasn’t let me down

If you love taking photographs and creating beautiful images for your own personal or work use, or have children who are interested in discovering the world around them in more detail then I highly recommend the Olloclip lenses….imagine the fun they will have with their next School project!



Disclosure: I was gifted this product for the purpose of giving an honest review. I was not paid for this review and all thoughts and opinions here are my own.


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