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970949-539292429468959-323468067-nEvery part of our baby is precious, delicate, needs to be handled gently and with care – including their little feet. Those beautiful little soles will one day carry that little body for more miles than I can even begin to estimate, so I am very careful when choosing shoes for my little ones.

While babies are learning to walk and toddlers are learning to run, their little feet are growing and changing and their shoes need to support all that development. So, for me, I prefer (when I can get shoes on my bubs that is!) to pick out something soft that will offer them protection but allow their feet to grow as they should. So it was a great relief to discover this beautiful collection of baby and toddler shoes from Beyond Beautiful, with such a wide selection for boys and girls I can find everything I need right here.

img-2560It is equally pleasing that little miss ‘I do it myself’ is just as happy with the shoe choice as there are plenty of cute designs for her to choose from. Her current favourite are these super cute pink apple walkers. My little miss is 2 now,
so she has moved on to a firmer soled shoe, but the leather is really soft and flexible, so it doesn’trub her little feet and they must be really comfortable as she picks them to wear every time (yup she chooses everything she wears and I have very little say in the matter unlike her twin brother who honestly would prefer just to be naked all the time).

So apart from having gorgeous 100% soft leather, a wide range of gorgeous designs, they are also really durable and have certainly stood the trial that my little ones have put them through….and boy do they put shoes through their paces.

It’s so good to be able to find a shoe for each stage of a child’s early development all in one place and the consultant that I use, Melissa, is so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly that it’s always a lovely shopping experience.

Mums happy, bubs happy, the pediatricians and podiatrists are happy, so Beyond Beautiful Baby & Toddler shoes get a huge thumbs up from me!

If you would like to find out more or look through their beautiful collection please head over to:

Please note that I was not paid for this review reflects and it reflects my own thoughts and opinions.


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