Top Tips For A Stress Free Christmas!

I cant believe Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, does anyone else feel like this year has flown? I don’t know about you but I find Christmas can be a little stressful and expensive between trying to find perfect gifts that are affordable and still having enough money left to put on a nice dinner it can be daunting. We share our top tips for making the silly season a little easier after all it is the season to be jolly not broke!


At the start of the year I normally work out how many people I want o buy for Christmas at the end of the year. I work out how much I want to spend on each person and then I set out a budget. If it is 10 people at $50 each that is $500 so I know I roughly have to put away $50 a month from February.


Pop ay money you save for Christmas into an ING or other interest account, you will earn a little extra on it and that might come in handy for a box of chocolates for the neighbours.


Consider making gifts, pinterest has some awesome inspiration if you are stuck for ideas. You may have a knitting hobby turn your hobbies into gift making that way you get to enjoy what you do and you get to give a handmade meaningful gift. Do you like to bake, cook some yummy recipes and present in nice wrapping, great for teachers.


As much as we would love to we can’t buy for everyone, prioritise who you really want to give a gift to and purchase for them first.


Shop the mid year sales, stock take is a great time to buy great items at reduced prices. Big W has their toy sale midyear and they allow lay by as well.

If you can purchase items throughout the year when you see them on sale and pop aside, although if you are anything like me you will probably end up giving the gifts early or forgetting where you put them haha.

With a little imagination and budgeting there is no need to feel the stress at Christmas time, do you have any extra tips to share with us?

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