By Carolyn Ziegler, Co-Founder of leading Child Safety Brand Dreambaby®

1. Check your Water Temperature. Make sure your bathroom hot water is set below 50C and use a water thermometer just in case – hot water can scald your child in

seconds. Dreambaby®’s ‘Herbert’ the Turtle’ Room & Bath Thermometer is perfect for this. Made from BPA free and phthalate safe durable waterproof material, the temperature display is clearly visible on Herbert’s back and gives fast and accuratetemperature readings, whilst doubling as safe and fun toys for your little ones!

2. Lock up medicines and cleaning materials. Medicines are often stored in the bathroom so always keep them locked in a secured cabinet up high and out of sight and reach. If you keep bathroom cleaning products under the sink, move these straightaway; again up high in a locked or secured cupboard.

3. Secure your toilet with a latch. Toilet water is very toxic and children like to explore! If you’re potty-training make sure you clean your potty straight after use as they can also be a poisoning hazard. Buy one that comes apart for easy cleaning.

4. Block off all unused power points in the bathroom with outlet plugs. Water and electricity don’t mix. Likewise, move hairdryers and anything else electrical up and out of reach and make sure they are unplugged when not in use.

5. Install a child safety gate at the entrance to your bathroom. If you rent, try a pressure-mounted gate so you don’t have to drill into the walls. You can further guard against damage by using one of those wall-friendly mounting cups (such as Dreambaby®’s Protect-A-Wall™), that helps disperse pressure from the top supports over a large area, reducing direct force and minimising the possibility of cracks or collapses.

6. Most important tip of all – NEVER leave your child alone in the bathroom – ever. It’s tempting to go and get your phone if you’ve left it in another room or to answer the door if someone rings the bell but nothing ever replaces adult supervision. Children can drown in a few centimeters of water in less than a minute.

For more bathroom safety tips go to Dreambaby®’s YouTube:

You can also listen to this podcast made by Dreambaby® co-founder and renowned safety expert Carolyn Ziegler on how to help keep your baby safe in the bathroom. It’s a short and invaluable insight into what to look out for and how to prevent accidents.

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