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Washing will never be the same again!! 

As a busy household of young energetic people who love the outdoors and everything that comes with it there is always a downside…the washing!! My poorwashing machine developed a groan that sounded much like my own with the overload of frequent changes of wet, sandy or muddy clothesfrom my four little ones. That was until I discovered POSH GROTZ and what a life changer they have been! I swear if my washing machine could leap up and join me in a happy dance it would. These funky, fun and practical Grubbers entered our world earlier this year and they have been some of the best money I have ever spent!

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(images courtesy of Posh Grotz)

Initially I purchased 2 sets for my young twins, who were just crawling and I thought that waterproof grubbers were just what they needed and the perfect attire for watching their older brothers practice rugby. Our first outing to the sports field was a success the twins seemed very proud of their new outfits and soaked up all the comments coming their way “those are awesome” “how cute do you look” and “what a great idea they are” and I was very pleased to be able to remove them at the end of day to find clean and dry babies underneath.

 The only problem I had with our great new grubbers was the groaning from the older two after seeing their siblings get so much attention from their mates and the parents over their awesome grubbers. The groans of “its not fair” and “why can’t we have some” quickly worked its charm and I caved in and purchased the boys matching blue Blaze grubbers….when the boys new grubbers arrived the house filled with excitement and it was very amusing watching them dancing around the room showing off their new clothes. It only took a few minutes before Mr 4 spoke up saying ‘Can we jump in muddy puddles now?” and so, out we went in the search of muddy puddles.

Posh Grotz have opened a whole world of fun for our kids who wear them all of the time without those words that niggle in the back of your mind while they are playing “I am going to have to wash that” and “They are going to catch a cold if they get their clothes all wet”.

The biggest bonus for me was taking them camping. Having 4 small children who love to camp does have its challenges; from packing and fitting the numerous changes of clothes into the car to bringing the mountain of soggy stinky washing home to commence operation de-camp at the end. So imagine my delight when packing up for camping armed with our new Posh Grotz…I packed half the clothes, yup half! When the evenings or days got cooler my little ones wore layers under their grubbers for extra warmth and we placed them next to their beds ready to be worn again. I would then rinse off the grubbers, hang them out to dry and by morning they were good to wear again. Bearing in mind that we mostly camp where the facilities are limited and a washing machine is nowhere in sight – having rinseable clothes that dry overnight is a godsend!

These grubbers quickly became the most worn items in our house and I couldn’t be happier – what Mum wouldn’t rave not only about having to do less washing but not having to cart around a heavy bag full of changes of clothes!

Posh Grotz are waterproof, easy to clean, quick to dry, lightweight, pack up small and come in a great range of fun styles that my kids just love, so they get a big thumbs up from me.

If you want to check them out for yourself, head over and check out their new website: http://www.poshgrotz.com.au

Written by Julie Williams

(This review was not paid for and reflects my own experience and opinions)


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  • October 10, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    Are you still on the market????
    Can’t work it out……..!
    I bought a beautiful leopard one fit for my grandchild and would like to get another one now when he’s grown.
    Waterproof playwear.
    Can you please email me?


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