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Mummy Must Have of the Week…..

One of the things that I have promised myself this year is to get back some control and get organised!!

There was a day that I was super organised and never missed a friends or families birthday but since having children my brain seems to have got mushier and mushier as the days have gone on. I now find myself scrambling around at the last minute trying to find a card or gift or making apologies for being late….yup baby brain has got me good and this is only part of the story but for now I will stick to my point!

I am very pleased to say that I am starting this year as I mean to go on – I have sought some help from a lovelyPhoenix card trader who has sorted me out with everything Ineed and best of all I didn’t even have to drag the kids to the shops….hoorah!

img-0665I have started myself off with a gorgeous little starter kit that includes birthday cards, wrapping paper, invitations and party decorations. The quality is beautiful and there is such a great choice that I can find something for every occasion and plan my whole year ahead, so that I am never late or miss a birthday or special occasion again! I simply love the detail on each card and the variety, including sparkles, raised print, shaped cards, high class invitations and flat wrapping paper that’s easy to store and some really bright fun stuff for kids, including fun party decorations too.It doesn’t stop there though – there are so many things they have that can help you get organised! On my list to get now are:

  • A gorgeous box to pop all my treasures in
    and file them in order…Oh yes… I reall mean business here!
  • A family planning chart….I am never missing an important moment or occasion again – missing a pre-school moment or School concert is seriously my worst nightmare and had some close calls last year that made me realise I need help organising my brain!
  • A craft table cloth….wow the times I have repeated ‘Do not draw on the table’ and how I would love to stop being such a grump and let them create!

img-0664Not only is the quality great, the designs gorgeous and the creations fun they are also really affordable too, especially if you bundle a few things together, you cant go wrong!
So this Mum is today feeling a little more inspired, a little more in control and ready for the year ahead….bring it on 2015, I am all over you thanks to a little help from my friend Peta at Phoenix cards!





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