Mummy Must Have of the Month……Sunny Jim Review

This is my latest discovery for changing ‘sweaty pack horse beach mum’ back into ‘glam beach mum’!


(image courtesy of Sunny Jim)

Being a Mum is the most amazing, wonderful and rewarding job ever…….however, it can also be the most un-glamourous job….especially when it comes to heading to the beach!

–       Hot bikini bodies are replaced by hum lets just say not quite so hot bodies that bikinis would run a mile from (unless you are one of the lucky few but that’s sadly not me)

–       Strutting your stuff with a cute little beach bag over your shoulder is replaced by something that can only be described as a pack horse that is looking rather sweaty and ragged from being weighed down with bags, beach tents, cooler, drinks bottles, snacks, child on your hip (sometimes in my case a child on each hip)….just to name a few!

–       Relaxing on a towel soaking up the sun is replaced by a desperate frenzy of chasing the children around the beach trying to re-apply sun lotion to those already sandy bodies and trying to convince them to spend some time in that beach tent that you have so loving carted all the way to the beach for them.

–      Leisurely Scooping up a towel and throwing it over your shoulder when you are done is replaced by rounding up the million things you have taken with you and spending 20mins trying to wrestle that wonderful beach tent that no-one used back into its back….yup they might pop up nice and easy but it’s a real art getting them back into the bag argh!

So you get the picture! I am exhausted just thinking about it let alone doing it.

Now for the good part!! I made an exciting little discovery that amazingly changed my whole ‘beach with kids’ experience and it’s so simple that I never imaged how much difference it could make!!

Just a couple of weeks ago a little box that I had only wait 1 day for arrived (yup seriously that is how quickly it arrived) and as I open the box I found myself letting out a little squeal of excitement. A beautiful elegant and stylish little bag was waiting inside and somehow tucked up in this little bag was a beach shade and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

It was funny how much difference it made to how I felt as I trotted off to the beach with this gorgeous little bag over my shoulder …no-one knew it was for the kids and I felt like a little bit of glam had just re-entered my life. So with a slight skip in my step we made our way to the beach to begin operation set up.


The kids were excited as they helped put the pegs in the ground, claiming “this is like we are going camping on the beach isn’t it Mummy!?” and to my amazement they all wanted to sit under it to dig their holes and build their battle towers.

Our new beach shade created plenty of shade, so that everyone could sit under it and even my 6ft4 husband managed to treat himself to a cheeky little snooze under it while staying completely shaded! It was a hot day but because the beach shade was open on all sides it created a nice little breeze under it, rather than the little sweat box that our old beach tent creates.  I have to admit that I also quite enjoyed the 2 Mums coming up to me to ask where I had got it from and while I was tempted to keep my little bit of glam to myself I thought perhaps I should share it, so that every Mum can enjoy it too.


Ok so pack up time…..this is always the bit I dread and so this was the bit I enjoyed the most!! As I sat with my youngest on my lap watching my boys still playing in the sand, I neatly and effortlessly packed my Sunny Jim beach shade into its bag. I promise that I didn’t gloat at all as the poor Dad near by that was huffing and puffing and re-bending his beach tent into several different combinations before finally wrestling it back into its bag…..ok that bits a lie…. I totally gloated and passed him the card with the Sunny Jim website on before I left.


Since our first treat to the beach our Sunny Jim Beach Shade has been popping up everywhere. We have taken it out for picnics, to the park and even put it up in our friends garden this weekend, when we headed over there for a BBQ and dip in the pool. It is a great job that it is so well made and such beautiful quality, as we have really been putting it through its passes already – not that you would know to look at it.  We love the outdoor life, so rest assured that if you live on the Northern Beaches there is a very good chance you will see us showing off our Beach Shade somewhere soon.


Image courtesy of Sunny Jim

Sunny Jim Beach shades get a huge thumbs up from me! Boasting the highest UV protection rating (UPF 50+), offering plenty of shade for the whole family, practical, neat, easy to use and yes my favourite part is that this Mum feels like she got a bit of glam back, so I LOVE IT!

If you are wondering why I am not answering messages over the next half an hour its because I am over here sorting myself out with some matching accessories for Christmas…I have my eye on a gorgeous matching beach bag and a throw!  Its not often I treat myself and so with Christmas coming up soon it’s the perfect excuse 😉


Please note that I was not paid for this review and it reflects my own thoughts and opinions.


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