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When I first spotted these super cute reusable squeeze pouches I fell in love with the cute design instantly and wished that I had discovered them when I was weaning my twins. My twins are now one and are eating everything in sight and while at first I thought that I might not have use for food pouches any more I couldn’t resist getting some anyway….how wrong was I!

These cute pouches arrived so quickly and with such lovely friendly service that I felt obliged to try them straight away and I was so glad I did. We pulled some natural yogurt and strawberries out of the fridge and threw them in a blender with a slightly over ripe banana and in just a couple of minutes the pouches were full. My twins stared up at me with their faces full of excitement and I wondered how they could be so taken with something they had never used before. They reached out their little hands eagerly and I passed them their first Little Mashies smoothies and they ran off squealing, only to return a few minutes later pleading for more.

It didn’t take long for my older two children to spot them and request that they wanted their own ones to take to school too, so now we have a house full of Little Mashie converts. No more expensive squeeze store bought yogurts, full of sugar – just a freezer full of tasty, healthy Little Mashie smoothies all ready to go. Oh and how great it was to discover that I could also fill them these porridge in the mornings and I just love how much easier the mornings are without having to hassle 4 little ones to hurry up and finish their breakfast and avoid the massive clean up to follow.

These Little Mashies pouches are also so quick and easy to clean, which is very important for all of us busy Mums, so they get a big thumbs up from me.

Little Mashies page has loads of clever recipe ideas to suit babies and bigger kids, so check them out at

Written by Julie Muchamore

(This review was not paid for and reflects my own experience and opinions)


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