An interview with Man of Silva (Sol)

We are so excited about the upcoming Oz Comic Con event and can’t wait to go along! We were lucky enough to interview Cosplayer ‘Man of Silva’ (Sol) ahead of the event to find our a little more about what it’s like being part of this SUPER POWERED event.

Name: Man of Silva (Sol)

City: Brisbane

Job:  Animator/Graphic Designer

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m basically your classic nerd. I collect action figures, statues and comic books but more than any of that, the thing I love to do the most is Cosplay. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved about everything from pop culture but most especially superheroes. I always found their stories and films to be some of the coolest and most captivating around and as I grew up that love turned into a passion for not just the movies themselves but how they were made. This slowly led me into the world of cosplay as I began to create these costumes I’d see on screen as well as influence me to head into the VFX industry.


Who is your Favourite Character and why? 

My favourite character who I have surprisingly not cosplayed yet is The Flash (Barry Allen). I’ve always found him to be such an amazing and cool superhero. Everything from his costume to his abilities have always had my eyes glued to the page and I find that the lore of his stories and his connection to the Speed Force is one of the most interesting comic book concepts ever written. Not mention his amazing rogue gallery which I think ties with both Batman’s and Spider-Man’s as some of the best comic book super villains ever written.


How many costumes do you own? Who makes them?

At the moment I own about nine different costumes with more on the way. Quite a number of my suits are sub-dye bodysuits and they printed and sewn together by a company called ZentaiZone. My other suits such as Green Arrow and Doctor Strange were made by companies overseas and I then modified them to my own measurements and added additional components. I also have a friend down under who helps with a lot of my cosplays and recently created a brand-new Superman cape for me which turned out amazingly.


When and where will you be next? 


The next convention I’ll be at will be in my home city at Brisbane Oz Comic Con. I’m very excited for this convention as I’ll be showing off a brand-new costume and I hope I can get tons of pictures with everyone.


What are you most excited about seeing at the next Oz Comic Con?

I’m really most excited to see all the brand-new cosplays people have made since the last con in Melbourne as well seeing all my fellow cosplay friends. Oz Comic Con also usually puts on some awesome exhibits like showing off the CW Superhero suits in Sydney and the Tick booth in Brisbane so I’m very excited to see what they’ve got planned for this year.



What do you love most about being a Cosplayer?

I love the fun you get to have walking around in a costume, making people smile and stare and hopefully giving them a little bit joy by bringing a certain character that they love to life at a convention. There’s also nothing better than making a little kid’s day by giving them a high five as Superman and their shyness and happiness is always a very sweet thing to see.

Social Media Links

Instragram: @the_man_of_silva

Facebook: The Man of Silva


Oz Comic-Con is back! 2018  will  feature exciting multi-genre content from across the spectrum – appearances by film and television stars, comic book artists and voice actors; gaming demonstrations and cosplay competitions; creative workshops and master classes; and hard-to-find, exclusive merchandise from vendors. Oz Comic-Con proudly supports local Australian talent and businesses in many areas, providing a platform to showcase Australian creativity and endeavours.

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