How to find out more about your Childs day….

It can sometimes be difficult engaging a child in conversation about their day at School, leaving us Mums feeling like we are missing out on a part of their world.


Here are a few conversation starters that I use to squeeze out information from my little ones, rather than just asking ‘How was your day?” which tends to only get me a response of “good” or “ok” and nothing more.


10411846-10152493470655917-1907658290965535136-n-11.What was the best game you played with your friends today?

2. Who was nice to you today?

3. What interesting thing did you learn today, that you didn’t know before?

4. Did you read a book today? What was it about?

5. Did anything make you feel sad today?

(I feel that it’s good to encourage kids to talk about the ‘not so good’ stuff too, as it helps to keep the doorway open so that when they are older they will find it easier to talk to you when they need you)

6. What did you find really easy today?

1796437-10152242310000917-456165239-n-17. What did you find difficult today?

8. Did you help anyone today? (I casually use this to help encourage them to think about other people)

9. What was your teacher like today?

10. What was your favorite part of the whole day?


If the same set of questions are asked frequently, they quickly become expected and therefore prepared for. Children love routine and knowing what’s expected of them, so if they know what you are going to ask they will start to think about what their answers might be before you even ask them and eventually they may even tell you unprompted.


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