Five Quick Mood Busters

Life can get a little hectic, stressful and overwhelming at times and leave us feeling a little less than perky. When this happens, our overall well-being suffers through reduced productivity, low motivation to do the things that are good for us and just a general lack of enjoyment in the day to day activities we normally love. Feeling like this is no fun at all, so thankfully there are some great ways to boost your mood and have you feeling refreshed and energised in a flash.

MUSIC Music has a powerful influence on our mood, from somber melodies that remind us of sad memories to the upbeat tunes that have us fist pumping like there is no tomorrow. So a great way to feel good fast is to put on your favourite happy music, play it loud and start grooving. Even putting music on during everyday mundane tasks can add some enjoyment, like dancing about while you clean the house or playing in the car on the way to work. Great music helps us feel great so get tunes on right now.

PAMPER TIME You know what they say… Look good, feel good. Sometimes a quick pamper session can have you feeling a million bucks (but hopefully for much less). A new hair cut or colour, a massage or facial, even a quick mani or pedi can work wonders for having you feel fabulous. And if you are short on cash, try a splash of bright nail polish or a relaxing bubble bath at home.

GOOD COMPANY There are certain people in our life that always seem to make us feel good. Through laughter and laid back fun, they are the perfect solution to a flat mood, even when we may not be so keen to socialise beforehand. Surrounding yourself with stress-free, fun-loving friends and making some wonderful memories is a great mood booster. Ditch the negative Nancy’s, and find yourself some positive company.

LAUGHTER Laughter is the best medicine. Watch a giggle worthy movie or head to a stand up comedy show at a local venue. Whatever it is that makes you laugh, even if that happens to be watching cat videos on YouTube, just go with it. Sometimes we just need some uninterrupted time to laugh ourselves silly.

EXERCISE It can be hard work getting motivated for exercise and physical activity when you are feeling blah, however exercise releases endorphins which are the body’s happy hormones. They are the same ones that would have been flowing during your laugh session. Head to the gym, go for a walk or drag a friend along for a tennis match. Trust me, your body will thank you and you will feel great afterwards for having achieved something so good for you. With these 5 quick pick me up mood boosters, you will hopefully be feeling more like your carefree and happy self in no time, ready to conquer the world, one smile at a time. Do you have an activity that boosts your mood in a flash every time?

Courtesy of: The Colourful Housewife


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