Back to School Guide 2017 – Drink Bottles


If you haven’t discovered Name My Stuff yet, then you are missing out! They sell and peronsalise a wide range of great quality products, including these awesome fun drink bottles.

Personalised Contigo autospout Striker bottle 
from Name My Stuff


The personalised Contigo Striker Autospout Kids Bottle 420ml is the perfect bottle from when the child can start using a straw and even at  school age. The handle makes it easy for them to carry around. And even better with their name marked permanently into the handle making it perfect for childcare, kindy and school.

They only need one hand to open the bottle – a push on the button and the straw pops up – a push on the cover and straw goes down again and is covered protecting it from any germs and dirt.

And this bottle does not leak – not even when the straw is up!

It also goes on the top-shelf of the dish washer.

All in all just one of the best bottles on the market for the little ones.

Recommended age 3 and up, but any child who can use a straw can use this bottle.

BPA-, Phthalate- and PVC-free.

End of line – remaining reduced to $14.95


Personalised Contigo Gizmo Flip autospout water bottle from Name My Stuff


Perfect personalised bottle from first water bottle up to early school age.

Kids will love this water bottle – so easy for them to use from the first water bottle, push the button in and the straw pops up and when finished an easy push down on the lid and it the straw is closed again and protected by the lid, so no accidential touching it with dirty hands.

And the little ones love being able to carry their bottle around – and even more proud when they realise their name is permanently marked on the lid.

And you can’t loose the straw in this bottle as it is teethered to the lid – can be taking loose for cleaning, but will still be attached, so no loosing in down the drain

It comes in 4 different designs: dinasours, birds, flowers and yacht.

BPA-free and dish washer safe on top shelf.

This bottle is replacing the popular Contigo Striker bottle here in Australia $24.95