1233323_10151935218900917_1773237535_nI am a busy Mum of 4 little ones, 3 boys and 1 girl who all arrived within a space of 4 years. As you can image life can often be a little chaotic, and it certainly is not without stress, but it is filled with love, laughter and adventure.

When my twins arrived and I was at home with 4 very young children I found that my heart was torn…I desperately needed something other than changing nappies to do (or at least that’s all it felt like I was doing with 3 in nappies and 1 toilet training at the time) but I also desperately wanted to stay at home with my precious little ones, so ‘Beaches Kids’ was born.

Beaches Kids was named after my 4 precious little ones, who all enjoy life and adventures growing up on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

Beaches Kids started out as a retail store selling beautiful wooden toys but as time went by I found that I was giving less and less of my time to the retail aspect and enjoyed far more engaging with my followers, finding great articles and networking with other like minded businesses. Beaches Kids has now evolved and become a lifestyle blog, filled with interesting reads, great information and the lessons that I have learned during my journey so far into motherhood.

Life on the Northern Beaches of Sydney always seems to have an adventure waiting just around the corner for us. We love the great outdoors, the smell of the fresh sea air, keeping active and enjoying all of the great places we have to explore both right here on our door step and further afield to as far as our camping adventures will take us.

With 4 little ones, who are all so different, life is never dull. They each teach us new lessons and we all enjoy a life of discovery and wonder.