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Whether you have small children, older kids, teens or anything in between, sometimes the best times can be had with the family at home. Not every great memory needs to involve getting out and about. And often fun at home comes as a cheaper option, with is an added bonus. Good memories need not have a big price tag.

Here are some great ideas for creating family fun without having to leave home:

GAMES NIGHT – In a connected world of SmartPhones, internet and social media, taking some time to get back to basics and disconnect as a family can be loads of fun. Dust off the board games and set in for a night of marathon game play.

MOVIE NIGHT – Much cheaper than a trip to the cinemas and you can wear your pyjamas. Hire or pick a few DVDs from your own collection for a night of movie viewing, homemade popcorn and family togetherness.

BACKYARD CAMPING – How about a mini break in your own background? Pitch a tent, make your beds, cook on the barbecue and tell stories under the night sky. Younger kids will absolutely love this, especially teamed with a little star gazing. Plus you have a real toilet in walking distance.

DINNER PARTY – Plan a menu together the whole family will love, buy the ingredients then spend the evening preparing a feast of goodness. You may even want to take in turns making different courses, plus you get to enjoy quality conversation together at the dinner table.

SCAVENGER HUNT – For a fun day time family fun activity, consider putting together a scavenger hunt for the kids. Set it up while they are otherwise occupied with clues and mini treasures along the way that takes them through the backyard in search of the big end prize. This can be a load of fun and something a little different.

What is your favourite activity to do at home with your family?

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